International Register of Wellness Practitioners


Welcome to the International Register of Wellness Practitioners.

Here you will find information regarding the registry and which modalities we can register.  Not all modalities can we register, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

There are restrictions on who we can register, please take a look at our site and  inquire with us.

All inquiries are handled with care, and may take some time to answer, depending on what your needs are, so please be patient with us. Successful registrants receive their packages within 4-6 weeks.

All registrations that are successful are required to renew each year to keep their status.   You will receive a new registration upon completion of the renewal form.

Please remember that we do not license or grant you the right to practice, for this information you need to check with your local state or provincial authorities.

A list of all registered practitioners will be available to the public once your registry is complete, if you prefer not to have your name listed, we respect your privacy.

Schools that offer the courses we register may apply to us for registration for their school, and can then grant to their students an open invitation to join us after graduation or as a student!  Schools will be placed on the list of schools that we recognize for registration of their modalities.